Our Story

Who are we? Well, that’s a tough question with a lot of answers. There’s a lot of us gamers out there, and each of us have our own story. Some of us just play what ever the trending game is, others enjoy certain genres. Then, there’s us; the owners of this website . We’re a special breed. We hate seeing games die that we enjoyed. Servers shut down or new updates to keep with the going trends ruin the game as we enjoyed it. Either way, something along the way just takes the fun out of something we enjoyed.

So what do we do about it? We take what we know, tear it down as far as we can, figure out how to mod it and get it working the way we loved it so much in the past? Games like Nitto 1320 Challenge are an amazing example of the dedication us owners of VG-Vault bring to the table. Nitto 1320 Challenge originally opened up to the world in 2001, made by CIE Games. The game grew a massive fan base and put CIE Games on the map for some pretty cool tournaments in the games. CIE Games closed the doors to Nitto 1320 Challenge in 2007 due to massive hacking on the game, and a new game release on the horizon, Nitto 1320 Legends. The community for Challenge and Legends lives on in a few Facebook groups and on our sister website that hosts the recreation of 1320 Challenge! With 2000 registered users hoping for the games re-completion again within its first year with very little advertising, it shows the dedication people had for that game.

There’s so many more games as well we hope to bring back, as well as ideas for things like hosting popular Game Shark, Action Replay, Code Breaker and Game Genie codes for classic consoles right here on VG-Vault. Things you have a hard time finding, we’re going to do our best to bring it to you all in one location.

At the beginning of this brief “Our Story” post, I asked the question…

Who Are We?

We’re 2 guys with a dedication for classic gaming and making sure people don’t forget where gaming all started by vaulting its history on our pages. Enjoy VG-Vault, join our Community Forum and find many more like us.